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I'm posting this on both my accounts because I can do whatever I want. F'D That being said, I'll be more than happy to be tagged again, but with my IZ characters instead. This is the kind of meme I can have fun with.

8 Facts about Sharima, tagged by Zontar-Zon (FD I knew you loved her...)

Sharima Character Page by RosieGhoulsie

    1. Sharima's name actually originates from Rima Mashiro, a character from an old manga I used to read in middle school. While I was trying to think up a name for her, I looked over to my bookshelf and saw the volume and remembered the character. A few seconds later, Sharima's name came to mind and despite the two characters having nothing in common, it sounded right and just stuck.

Sharima is partially sexist. In her youth, she was very prejudice towards men, believing that they only desired to take advantage of and abuse women. That was, until, she met her husband. He helped her through her prejudice, but even though it has died down immensely, she still has her guard up around strangers.

    3. Sharima's character has undergone several rewrites. She was originally designed to be the antagonist of the story, but it was decided that she was written too cruel. Currently, Sharima has been written to be a more likable character, but still has a sense of sass and isn't afraid to speak her mind.

    4. That being said, Sharima was originally supposed to be the antagonist. Yet, as her character developed, I grew more and more attached to her. As of now, she's the Anti-hero of her own story.

    5. Sharima has eight children. From Oldest to Youngest, there's Terrance, Xavier, Alexander, Ayarah, Morrick, Demetri, and twins Cleo and Raz.

    6. Sharima has been married for about 21 years.

    7. Sharima's wedding was arranged to be private. No member from her side of the family was invited, under her decision.

    8. Sharima's favorite alcoholic brand is Magic Man Winery.

Bonus Facts:

     9. Sharima's favorite sport is called MagiFights, a MMA-Style fighting competition that uses magical attacks along with physical attacks.
Sharima naturally has a rectangular body shape, but due to low self-esteem, she used magic to alter her body into an hourglass figure. The process was incredibly painful for her innards and unfortunately, she's forced to keep her altered form due to the possibility that another sudden altercation could cause organ failure.
    I tag:
    Zontar-Zon - Old Lady Nooka. FD
    DarkDivaLocura - Vernon
    PsychoSanyo - Mick
    swiblet - Redeye (Sorry dude, I know you just got done with Aingeal. F'D You don't have to if you don't want to.)
    Have a nice day,


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Hello there, fellow Chums! :dummy:

First of all things, thank you so much for taking the time to (either intentionally or accidentally) stumble onto my account! :D At the moment, I'm current going through a stage of transition from being pure fandom trash to actually posting my original content. My fandom work is derived from the cartoon, Invader Zim, and you're sure to see the little creations and characters the show has inspired me to manifest from time to time. I'll mostly be posting original illustration and cartoon work from here on out and work related to my original webcomic, The Shaman Brothers. :dummy:
Thank you so much again for browsing my gallery. :aww: Feel free to favorite, leave a comment or click that watch button in the corner.


My Son.

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